This comes in response to the tragic shooting of 20-year-old Daniel Anderl, the son of U.S. District Judge Esther Salas, and her husband Mark Anderl. Mark is in stable condition after surgery. The investigation The federal and local authorities are working with the F.B.I. The child of the protection lawyer Mark Anderl was wanting to get into a graduate school and participate in the strides of his folks. News 4 New York reported that the shooter showed up at the judge’s home in North Brunswick … Salas was not injured in the shooting. Mark Anderl is in critical but stable condition. The killer showed up at the family’s home clad in a Fed-Ex uniform, according to New Jersey Globe. Her husband, Mark Anderl, is reportedly in stable condition after undergoing surgery. However, their son, Daniel, 20, was shot and killed by the same unidentified gunman at the home. Salas’ husband, Mark Anderl, 63, who is a criminal defense lawyer, was taken to a hospital in critical condition but was listed as stable Sunday night after undergoing surgery. Anderl & Oakley, P.C. Mark Anderl is in stable condition and “seems to be OK,” said Carlos Salas, the judge’s brother. Mark Anderl. Princeton: Phone: (609) 921-1755 | … From left, Defense lawyer Mark Anderl, U.S. District Judge Esther Salas and Daniel Anderl, 20, were at their New Jersey home when a gunman came to the door Sunday, police said. Mark Anderl Shot. in Perth Amboy and Princeton, New Jersey, specializes in state and federal criminal defense, as well as juvenile & municipal court. ABC News, citing law enforcement, said Mark Anderl was in critical condition. Mark Anderl Law Firm Hollander died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, The Associated Press reported. on the case. Daniel Anderl , 20, died and Mark Anderl, 63, was critically wounded, Chief District Judge Freda Wolfson told the Associated Press. Daniel Anderl was a rising junior at Catholic University, the school’s president said in a statement. The attack, carried out by an anti-feminist attorney dressed as a Federal Express delivery driver, left Salas’s husband, Mark Anderl, in critical condition. It is currently unclear the motive for the attack, although Salas had been receiving threats. Salas' husband, Mark Anderl, is in critical but stable condition as of Monday morning, according to law enforcement sources. Mr. Salas said on Monday that Mark Anderl was in the hospital in stable condition. Mark Anderl - a 63-year-old criminal defense attorney - was also shot at their home and was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Mark Anderl was rushed to the hospital and is in stable condition, Womack told local media. Her husband, Mark Anderle, 63, is said to be critical earlier but is in stable condition after surgery at the New Brunswick Hospital. Mark Anderl is in stable condition and "seems to be OK", Carlos Salas, the judge's brother said. What is their condition? Salas’ husband Mark Anderl, 63, ... Salas’ husband Mark remains in hospital and is in critical condition after being shot several times when he opened the door to the killer. The motive of the shooting is still unknown. Mark Anderl is in stable condition and "seems to be OK," said Carlos Salas, the judge's brother. Both the US Marshals and FBI are investigating the shooting and were working to find the suspected gunman. His wife was not harmed since she in the basement when the attack happened. Both the US Marshals and FBI are investigating the shooting. Salas, who was believed to be in the basement during the attack, was not injured. Anderl is in stable condition. Judge Salas' husband, criminal defense attorney Mark Anderl, is in stable condition at the hospital after undergoing surgery, said North Brunswick Mayor Francis Womack. Mark Anderl, 63, a well-known criminal defense attorney and the husband of U.S. District Judge Esther Salas, and their son, Daniel, 20, were shot at about 5 p.m. at their home in North Brunswick. Investigation Report. The authorities report that 20-year-old Daniel Anderl, son of US District Court Judge Esther Salas, was shot dead. — Brian Thompson (@brian4NY) July 20, 2020 The elder Anderl, 63, is a criminal defense attorney and former assistant Essex County prosecutor. The suspect was a white man who wore a face covering and a FedEx uniform, law enforcement sources told ABC News, and he used an ordinary car to make a getaway. The tragic dad needed to experience a genuine crisis medical procedure however now is in stable condition according to the report. Her husband, defense Atty Mark Anderl also shot but after surgery now in stable condition @RWJBarnabas New Brunswick. In seconds, Hollander pumped a slew of bullets into the judge’s husband, Mark Anderl, 63, and then shot her 20-year-old son, Daniel, in the heart, killing him. During the attack that killed his son, Anderl was also shot and was left in a critical condition. The terrifying assault happened at around 5 pm when Mark answered the front door of the family home and was shot several times. Initial reports from law enforcement said Daniel Anderl opened the door with his father right behind him. The assailant who attacked the family was dressed as a FedEx. Mark Anderl was initially listed in critical condition; the judge is not injured because she was in the basement at the time of the shooting, NBC New York reported. Daniel Anderl, 20. A municipal employee discovered the suspect’s body in a car in Rockland, New York, which is located about 100 miles northwest of New York City. The gunman was disguised as a FedEx driver, sources told NJ Advance Media, and also shot Mark Anderl, who remains in the hospital in stable condition. Mark Anderl is 63 years old is a criminal defense attorney and husband to federal Judge Esther Salas who was shot and critically wounded in the doorway of the family home in New Jersey..

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