Agents Of Change (501c3)
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    Agents of Change

    If you have the passion, we promise to bring out the best in you. We coach both boys and girls club basketball. Whether you are a beginner or a player with promise, we have the right guidance to cater to your needs. At Agents Of Change we train technique, fundamentals, understanding and execution, creating a high basketball I.Q. The expectation and intention for each player is to access his of her full potential, and eventually contribute at an elite level to his or her high school basketball program. So, if you are looking for boys and girls club basketball and or training, look no further, the Agents Of Change are here for you.
    Here is what you will achieve with us:

    • Training and teams for boys. Age: 7-14
    • Training and teams for girls. Age: 7-14
    • Improve your overal skillset.
    • Learn the fundamentals of the game at your own pace.
    • Build confidence and mental fortitude.
    • Varsity level basketball practice made easy.
    • Personal attention paid to every player.
    • Work on your POWER, SPEED & AGILITY.
    • Motivational, Fun and Competitive playing experience.